NetApp (NCSA) NS0-145

I recently completed a 7 hour (47 video) training course for NetApp Certified Storage Associate (NCSA) NS0-145. Below is the course content geared towards successful completion of the NS0-145 NetApp Certification. I highly recommend that you take the time to review all that CBTNuggets has to offer. I will post my course notes in short order.

NetApp Certified Storage Associate (NCSA) NS0-145
NetApp is a leader in IT storage. This course not only covers the fundamentals of storage and cloud computing, it also provides detailed step-by-step guidance on installing, configuring, and maintaining a NetApp Data ONTAP (7-Mode or Clustered) environment. This course also completely prepares students for the challenging NCSA exam. NetApp Certified Storage Associates demonstrate a basic understanding of NetApp storage systems and Data ONTAP administration and management solutions. Students can understand the features and functions of 7-Mode and clustered Data ONTAP, and are able to perform basic administration of NetApp storage controllers running the Data ONTAP® operating system in NFS and Windows® (CIFS) multi-protocol environments.

  1. NCSA Course Intro
  2. Introduction to Data Storage
  3. DAS vs. NAS vs. SAN
  4. Exciting New Storage Technologies
  5. Server Virtualization
  6. Data Networks Fundamentals
  7. Cloud Fundamentals
  8. Scared of the Cloud?
  9. Introducing Flash Storage
  10. Flash Storage Components and Performance
  11. Solid State Technologies
  12. Flash Endurance
  13. Major Industry Trends Per NetApp
  14. OnCommand Management Software
  15. Clustered Data ONTAP
  16. Data ONTAP 7-Mode
  17. NetApp Hardware Basics
  18. FAS2500
  19. FAS – Up Close and Personal
  20. Other NetApp Portfolio Products
  21. Connecting with System Manager
  22. Using the CLI
  23. Creating Aggregates
  24. Flash Pools
  25. Creating FlexVols
  26. Creating Qtrees
  27. Calculating Usable Disk Space
  28. Creating and Managing SnapShot Copies
  29. Network Administration
  30. Creating LUNs
  31. Using SnapDrive
  32. NFS Exports and CIFS Shares
  33. Using BranchCache
  34. Using Quotas
  35. RBAC
  36. Storage System Maintenance
  37. Storage Space Management
  38. Clustered Data ONTAP Concepts
  39. Clustered Data ONTAP User Interfaces
  40. Clustered Volumes and Namespaces
  41. Clustered File Access
  42. Clustered Load Balancing
  43. SAN Infrastructure
  44. FC Connectivity
  45. The NCSA Exam
  46. Sailing Past the NCSA Exam
  47. The Great NCSA Exam Bonus